See how we built Triton up from day one, bringing us to the renowned service we are today.

Initially, the users of communities had the incentives to create their own experience and provide these to other users. The age of server hosting has increased an immense and very significant amount, creating endless possibilities of both ever unsolved issues and solved issues that both assist the hosting industry in ways never thought of or ways never taken into consideration. Triton Hosting was founded to provide a personal and reliable experience to everyone, no matter the requirements of such products or client. We provide with integrity and confidence.

In early December 2017, Triton Hosting was primarily founded to provide managed private services for Arma 3 and network defense services for gaming communities. With ample success that came quick, we expanded to our own infrastructure and systems to better manage who we were providing services too. We began to develop strategies and tactics to manage our company and its infrastructure. With these changes and our progressive amassing of clients, we moved our company to a website based platform to publicize with even more confidence and organization of what we offered and even offer today.

All around everything was improved, from clientele communication to how we functioned as a company.

The correlation of this change was increasing the company at a very satisfactory rate. Our motives and incentives to expand and bring diverse logistics into our company had as well been impacting us in a very beneficial way. Triton Hosting had formed a team of people with a prodigious range of experiences in the technical field ranging from game servers and voice servers, to dedicated servers and virtual private networks. Being 2018, it was still our goal to remain actively improving our company and its features and services. Internal to external, operations to us mean a monumental importance.

Today Triton Hosting operates due to the robust grounds it was constructed off. We believe in all of what we do and offer and that is why we solve all problems any clients may face and answer any inquiry about our services. Our services is something we take pride in most too. We only offer a premium to unique set of products here at Triton Hosting. We pride quality over all. Triton Hosting. For kings.



December 2017

Triton Hosting was founded in 2017 with the initiative to provide gaming communities and game servers network defense, technical advisory, and system administration. This was the beginning of our client base and products.


August 2018

Triton Hosting develops its first sub-brand, Triton Shield™, which is technology created by the system engineers at Triton Hosting to give users the best DDoS protection possible. It is a product we actively work on.


December 2018

Triton Hosting completes a year of great hosting alongside satisfaction to all its new clients. New products were offered and new locations opened up. We have exciting plans for our future and are enthusiastic to be releasing a lot.


June 2019

Triton Hosting establishes a new online presence and registers as an LLC in its primary operating state. Many new products and locations open along with new staff. Triton Hosting also begins more publicity with streamers, youtubers, and games.


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